Penile enhancement can include platelet injections, stem cells, botox to the scrotum, and even dermal fillers to the penis. What all these have in common is that they help rejuvenate the penis. As males age, they tend to lose volume and water retention all over the body. By incorporating advanced methods, we are now able to address many concerns as well as aesthetic ones.

Penis fillers are a relatively new form of non-surgical penile enhancement that can help address a variety of concerns including:

• Increase in length and/or girth of the penis
• Correction of Peyronie’s disease
• Increase sensation and pleasure during intercourse
• Lessening of scarring or skin discoloration
• Improved curvature of the penis

Results are generally seen immediately and last up to 24 months. There is minimal downtime and a quick recovery making it a very convenient form of treatment.

By injecting dermal fillers to the penis, we can increase the penile girth. While the procedure does not promise to increase the length of the penis, it will appear longer as a result when flaccid.

It is important to research and ask for only the most advanced dermal filler products help achieve this aesthetic look. A discussion about product choice should be throughly discussed along with the longevity of the products used. This way, you can make an educated decision on the type of dermal filler depending on how long you would like to last.

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