About Us

Matthew Onassis, NP  is an aesthetic-trained Nurse Practitioner with a strong background in anti-aging and aesthetics. His undergraduate degree obtained from the University of California, Los Angeles and Summa Cum Laude at West Coast University serve as a strong academic background in the field of sciences. His masters degree in nursing was also attained at West Coast University. 

Matthew prides himself in the ability to learn about new challenges and researching new ways that have been proven to treat more difficult aesthetic procedures. By attending global trainings and medical and aesthetic conferences, the Onassis Skin team has been able to collaborate with globally-respected colleagues and provide cutting edge technology and techniques.  

Dr. Fati Jah brings over two decades of diverse medical experience to Onassis Skin Health as our esteemed Medical Director. As a dedicated Family Physician, Dr. Jah has consistently demonstrated a commitment to serving a broad spectrum of patients, with a particular focus on special populations.

Driven by a passion for expanding medical access and availability, particularly in developing regions, Dr. Jah is committed to leveraging her skills and experience to make a meaningful impact on global healthcare disparities. Drawing inspiration from her family's legacy of advancing population health initiatives, she is dedicated to bridging gaps in healthcare services and improving outcomes for underserved communities.

Dr. Jah's expertise lies in evaluating population health needs and implementing innovative interventions tailored to meet the specific requirements of diverse demographics. Her vision aligns closely with organizations seeking to expand healthcare services in the developing world, whether through on-site care initiatives or coordinated medical missions.

For organizations dedicated to addressing global healthcare challenges and making a difference in underserved populations, Dr. Jah offers a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a shared commitment to creating positive change. Reach out today to explore collaborative opportunities and join forces in advancing the mission of accessible, equitable healthcare for all.

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